how install wesnoth-1.8-sof ubuntu

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“the sceptre of fire” official campaign for wesnoth (branch 1.8)
Install sudo apt install wesnoth-1.8-sof

This package contains the “the sceptre of fire” campaign for wesnoth:
“the land of wesnoth”s banner bold
comes not from its own land;
it comes from dwarfdom, grim and old
made by a runesmith”s hand.
so now i tell from whence it came –
the fire-sceptre great –
and of the makers of the same,
their tale i now relate…”
(expert level, 9 scenarios.)

battle for control of villages, using variety of units which have advantages and disadvantages in different types of terrains and against different types of attacks. units gain experience and advance levels, and are carried over from one scenario to the next in a campaign.

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