how install sampleicc-tools ubuntu



Icc profiles i/o and manipulating library and cmm — tools
Install sudo apt install sampleicc-tools

Sampleicc provides an open source platform independent c++ library for reading, writing, manipulating, and applying icc profiles along with applications that make use of this library.

this package contains some useful command line tools using sampleicc:
– iccapplynamedcmm – uses ciccnamedcolorcmm to apply transforms to colors
specified by text files. colors can be sample values or color names
depending upon profiles used.
– iccapplyprofiles – uses the cicccmm to apply transforms to tiff images.
– iccproflibtest – an application that was written to test creation of
tags in a profile.
– iccdumpprofile – reads a profile and displays the contents.
– iccv4tompe – adds multiprocessingelement tags using floating point
encoding to a v4 profile.
– iccstripunused – removes tags that are not supported by the profile
specification from a profile.

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