how install ilohamail ubuntu



Light weight yet full featured multilingual web-based IMAP/POP3 client
Install sudo apt install ilohamail

IlohaMail (pronounced: e-lo-ha-mail) is a light weight yet full featured multilingual webmail program that is easy to use.

Admin Features:
* Light weight and fast
* Extensive multilingual capabilities
* Modular – Easily modifiable to accommodate different backends.
* Activity Logging
* Spam Prevention
* Multiple host/domain support
* Auto-appended Tag-Lines
* Optional MySQL backend for improved scalability and performance.
* External SMTP server support
* IMAP caching
* Theme support
Client Features:
* POP3 & IMAP Support
* Send, receive, file, delete messages
* GPG support
* Multiple sender identities
* Spell checker (with aspell)
* Create, rename, delete folders
* Send/receive attachments
* View images inline
* Full featured Contacts list
* Calendar included
* Bookmarks manager
* Search messages
* Customizable – Over 2 dozen user preferences
* Support for over 20 languages
Upstream Homepage is

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