how install gaffitter ubuntu



File subsets extractor based on genetic algorithms
Install sudo apt install gaffitter

Genetic Algorithm File Fitter (gaffitter) is a command-line software written in C++ that extracts –via genetic algorithm– subsets of an input list of files/directories that best fit the given volume size (target), such as CD, DVD and others.

gaffitter provides an intelligent manner (thanks to Genetic Algorithm) to minimize the error between the desired target size and the selected candidates of files/directories. Gaffitter highlights:

* Uses a global meta-heuristic (Genetic Algorithm search).
* The command-line interface provides high integration (via pipe) with
other tools, i.e. works as a “filter”.
* Allow the user to enter “size identifier” pairs directly instead
of file/dir names.
* Pretty configurable. gaffitter have many input parameters to
control/adjust its behavior (including GA params).

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